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Art Appreciation
Clare1 Leaving Cert Art — 15/06/16 5

Would it be smart not to bother learning a gallery visit question, to focus on the Irish and European sections and just see what else comes up on the day for appreciation or should I prepare a gallery visit question?

Imelda Morrissey — 15/06/16
Prepare a gallery question its worth the same marks as the others and it's easy enough to get full marks in it! Better safe then sorry. What else are you studying for it? Or what do you think may come up?
Alex_1122 — 15/06/16
Learn the gallery question always comes up and it's easy to learn it's more or less common sense talk about lighting and how the paintings hung and the layout of the gallery and talk about how the go about security and the facilities they have in the gallery along with an exhibition you seen and single out two pieces of work and how they're presented in the gallery and talk about who did them what they're about and go on to talk about the style of them and how the gallery benefits them (ie. Is the lighting space how they're hung suit etc) and finish conclude at the end how you enjoyed it, how amazing everything was payed out easy to follow and how well preserved kept and looked after the work in it was. It's an extremely handy one to learn off and doesn't take long atall if you're thinking of another essay if suggest newgrange too and in European theres a broad choice of what to choose from
Alex_1122 — 15/06/16
For the gallery question a key term to know is a Curator ( a curator is a person who decides and implements plans for echibitons)
Clare1 — 15/06/16
Thanks for your help! It does seem pretty simple when you break it down, I'll definitely prepare one. And Imelda I'm thinking Impressionism, Donatello, Carravaggio and maybe Gothic Painting style, I'd go over Romanesque sculpture and the Rennaisance in general too just focusing more on the first few. Then for the Irish section Newgrange and prechristian metalwork
Natalie_4922 — 15/06/16
Bit late now but I would recommend knowing: -The curators (It looks good if you know their names) -The name and aim of the exhibition (what does it explore/how does it explore said topic/Is it successful in doing so?) -Focus on a particular painting or two and break it down always linking back to the idea of the overall exhibition (does it fit in? How does it/doesnt it fit in? What ideas does it present?) -Pretend youre a freaking buff and loved every minute of it (not too much but just enough "I found this painting particularly fascinating because..."/ It was really affecting because...) Seem like you engaged with the exhibition. -How everything was presented (If its a big exhibition like the one I went to, focus on one room.) Maybe draw the layout and break it down. Was there natural or artificial lighting? Was the room cluttered? Was it sparce? What information did they give? If they gave very little: why didnt they give more? If they gave a lot: Why didnt they give less? -Would you have done anything different. Dont be afraid to criticize or question but always give a solution. -The questions are easy & basically the same every year so you can modify pretty easily and really show off. This could be a bonafide full marker because most people just write waffle, but if you put a bit into it 50/50 is in the bag. If you don't, you'll still probably get a good grade because the marking scheme is so bloody vague anyway. Be gand.
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