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    Art history predictions 2016 BethHeneghan

    Anyone have any predictions as to what might come up? Thanks

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      If you read down people are saying Newgrange and gallery question, but for European I actually haven't a clue

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      Newgrange and gallery always come up learn sir John lavery too as he was one of the only painters to paint paintings associated with Michael Collins which has a chance of coming up due to the anniversary year of the 1916 (use him as a back up) gothic and/or Romanesque come every year Giotto is a really good one to know along with Impressionism artists (Manet,Monet etc) Leonardo da Vinci and michalango too and in the Irish section too know the three different ages Stone,Bronze,&Iron along with Jack B. Yeats and if you more or less know these you'll be fully covered

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      Grand thank you

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      No problem default ly know the gallery question 2 Irish section essays and 3 European essays topics and you'll do really well as you shouldn't be caught out then

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      See for the European section my teacher hadnt covered Romanesque so can you just bank on impressionist like what are they names I only covered monet and degas

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      Perfect will do!

      Monet and Degas are good ones but maybe cover Renoir as well cause one year they asked about three impressionists in one question

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      Am I safe doing just massacio michaelangelo bottocelli and Caravaggio for European art ?

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      Is it a safe bet to have the Renaissance artists learnt and a general question on impressionism?

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      Definitely think so

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