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    Art History, Renaissance? maja

    Do the Renaissance always come up, if so, any predictions on the artists?

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      It comes up often in people in history's. Normally it asks for an artist from outside Italy like Rembrandt

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      Oops sorry thought you meant junior cert..never ind

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      Well...It's gonna be like this : either : Discuss the differences between the Romanesque or Gothic ( architecture or sculptures), or it's gonna be like : Discuss in detail a sculpture from the Romanesque period.

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      Renaissance always comes up in some form usually around question 3/4.The problem is it is such a large section you cannot cover it all. I usually study Giotto - pre Renaissance and the High Renaissance - Da Vinci, Michelangelo ( sculpture and painting) and Raphael and hope that one of them come up. Remember, you can use your Renaissance artists, whomever you study, for other questions. For example, near the end of the European section, there is usually a list of artists, themes or styles to study. For example, it might say, 'Discuss an artist that used the human form in his work' - you could use Michelangelo for this even though it is not specifically a 'Renaissance' question.. General tip, every artist you study, try to see how many questions you could use him/her to answer : Vermeer, Protestant Baroque, Baroque, Dutch artist, an artist that painted women, an artist who used light in a particular way. After i teach every artist, we as a class list the potential ways we might be able to use him/her on the exam paper, if they don't come up in the section they are expected in. A bit hard to explain like this, but I hope you get the gist! good luch.

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      ST@1 = maja asked about Renaissance - Romanesque/Gothic are not Renaissance - be careful of misguiding people in your post!!

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