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    Art History Study stephlumo

    So I'm really struggling with Art History.. Haven't even done it in class since we came back after Christmas so I'm a little worried.

    I've studied these by myself:

    Early Christian Ireland (Manuscripts, Metalwork and Stone crosses)

    Early and High Renassiance (Titian, Michelangelo, Donatello, Massacio, Uccello)

    Not forgetting Section 3, is this enough for me to be covered next June?

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      No not with just early and high renassiance, you need a bit more there.

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      What would you suggest?

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      Well maybe some impressionists and post impressionists and people like Picaso, Munch, Matisse, Dali for different movements.

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      Need help on gallery question from the mocks, anyone able to give me advice on answering "how you would go about curating an exhibition of student artwork in an outdoor space "??

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      Oh I did that for my mock! For the curating question you need to have headings like lighting, labelling, display etc... And then describe in detail what they acheve for your exhibition

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      You should study medieval art (Gothic and Romanesque). Always guaranteed a question and they're really simple to learn by yourself.

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