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    art histoty jessicad

    mind maps really help

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      do u need help or..?

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      Mind Maps are pretty easy do you need an explanation

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      how do you find the irish art? i hate it so much, it's just sooo so boring and monotonous but do you know any way to make it easier or more interesting?

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      i personally find it ok its not that bad just involves lot of listening. i would suggest you to get less stress more success its so helpful plus less boring and its very detailed with brilliant sketches.

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      is that so..... well then i shall(cough)

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      check out my gojin on deviant art people

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      irish art is okkkkkk. its interesting

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      i use less stress more success book....highlight key terms chapter by chapter then put the heading in a bubble in the centre (eg. romanesque) then have sub headings coming off the main heading which i re-write in my own words :) keep the sentences short and simple and in english you understand :) also draw simple diagrams....really easy to memorise and gives you a better chance of describing pieces of artwork in an exam :) hope this helps :)

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      Thank you so much!!

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      Phil Lynch

      looking for suggested layout to H Art history on subject Masaccio ..please ?

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      shauna carson

      depends on the question and personaly the layout as i know it should go like this

      basic background of the artist (birth place etc)

      address the question directly (* if it says what influences=his influences included)

      extend your answer i would personaly place a sketch between or beside each paragraph or each seccond paragraph (*theyre worth roughly 10 percent of your entire essay)

      then in your final paragraph adress the question directly again eg. what were his influences=theese were his influences throughout his life and .................etc. )

      that should b enough for at least a C1 answer depending on the content

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      Phil Lynch


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