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    gallery visit ARON_

    Hi, I missed our class visit to the national gallery due to a family wedding. Wondering if anyone has any information they are willing to share to help with section 3 or any suggestions as to what other alternative question I could do???

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      Here's the notes I have stored on my computer. Obviously you'll have to go more in detail for Louis Le Brocquy and Picasso, but the gallery question is done, just memorise it :) remember your 3 sketches for this one. The ROOM PLAN is very important. The other two sketches are for the artwork; "A Family" by le Brocquy and "A Still Life with a Mandolin" by Picasso. You should give a paragraph to each artist.

      I hope this helps, and good luck for Thursday :)

      attachment GALLERY QUESTION.docx

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