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    Help art tinash

    I picked art and I am absolutely terrible at drawing , the art history gives me headache. The pressure is really bad and I really want to move but all the other subjects , everyone is ahead. What do I do?

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      If you really have no other option just stick with it and try your best to enjoy it. The art history course is so huge that theres bound to be something you'll at least find interesting in it. As for the drawing, first of all if you focus on the history and do well in that it will give you a bit of support. you can choose to make the 3d piece for the five hour practical exam so that way you only really have the life drawings to worry about

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      Did you know that you only have to pick 3 main topics in art history to study in detail? For example, out of Art in Ireland, which includes Pre-Christian Ireland, Early Christian Ireland, and Georgian Ireland, you only have to study the one you find the easiest, e.g. Georgian Ireland! If you do the same in European Art and General Appreciation, that's only 3 things you have to focus on. I have the art 'Less Stress, More Success' revision book, which I have found really helpful :-)

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      MrDarcyAndMe this is somewhat misleading. Choosing just 1 area in each section leaves you

      No choices in the exam

      & risks a question not comin up at all

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      SMcDonnell I'm just quoting the art history Revise Wise book, that's exactly what it says...

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