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EmmaOConnor Leaving Cert Art — 15/06/16 9

Guys is it possible to say that newgrange is a definite? It comes up mostly every year but I have doubts and I hate the bronze age...

Dearbhaile_5808 — 10/06/16
Most likely this year because the Bronze Age was a biggy last year! X
EmmaOConnor — 10/06/16
Thank you :) @dearbhaile_5808
ShaunaBW — 10/06/16
Yeah, I agree. I'm not sure on the rest. Any ideas for the rest of the paper @EmmaOConnor
EmmaOConnor — 11/06/16
Oh my god Shauna get out�� @ShaunaBW
ShaunaBW — 12/06/16
Why? I need to know about the art paper. So newgrange and gallery visit a definite you think?
EmmaOConnor — 12/06/16
You don't even do art���� @ShaunaBW
ShaunaBW — 12/06/16
Harsh words, @EmmaOConnor. How do you know what I do? You don't even go here!
jodiehyland — 15/06/16
Is new grange a definite I was looking through the exam papers and could only find 2 questions on it
nyar — 15/06/16
If any one has a newgrage essay can they send me one! snowleopard312@gmail.com
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