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    Predictions please Grace_4605

    Haven't been thought the course at all, teacher didn't believe it was important. What's likely to come up?

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      barry goulding


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      Newgrange or Bronze Age, Michelangelo, Giotto, Impressionists, Museum/Gallery Question, if you study those you should be okay

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      Emma if you just done impressionist are you covered ? We never did anything else

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      I meant for the European section not the whole course sorry

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      I'd maybe learn Giotto or Michelangelo just to be on the safe side. There's notes on Giotto around halfway down this page: Even if you just knew how to draw the Deposition and learn about his style and the composition, you'd probably be okay. It's hard to say, like you could very well be okay with just impressionism, it's very likely to come up but you never know.

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      Bronze age or newgrage for section one i'd say. for the third section just do the gallery, learn off an essay in detail and twist it to suit the question asked tomorrow. For the European, like Gothic is guaranteed but it's not a nice topic.. I'm hoping Giotto and Masaccio come up considering they were in the mocks. Impressionism is a maybe too.

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