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Someone Help!!
Sorchak55 Leaving Cert Art — 16/06/16 8

Okay so I took up art as an extra subject and my grinds teacher has only actually gone through new grange.. I did it for the mock and got a C2 but I never answered Q2 so can anyone tell me what I should learn quickly ��

roisinsking — 15/06/16
there is three different sections on the exam Irish art, European and appreciation you answer one question on each . you have only learnt one part of Irish art
cloudy2214 — 15/06/16
If by question 2 you mean European Art section then.... I would suggest studying impressionism .... in class we studied Monet ("impression:sunrise" , "bathers at la grenouillere" and the haystacks ) Renoir ("Bal du Moulin de la galette" and "the luncheon of the boating party") and Degas ('Absinthe' , "two ballet dancers in a dressing room" and "Monsieur Perrot's dance class").... theresna lot in european art so youre going to have to take some chances ....they can ask you abt a painting that depicts water , dancers , animals, fruits , musical instruments or boats in the ones I named at least two will apply to each category ...or they can ask you to compare two impressionist artists and their work or two works by the same artists .... characteristics of impressionism are very important and you need to know a little bit about each artist. We also studied Pointilism (just one painting one artist short and sweet ) "Sunday afternoon on the island of grande jatte" by Georges Seurat and Cubism picassos "Guernica" has a lot to write about or his "les demoiselles d'avignnon" but the style might be challenging and the drawings are hard. Personally I would suggest to learn at least two paintings by two different impressionist paintings although there is a chance of impression not coming up at all so cover yourself with pointilistm if you have time ...but in impressionism the paintings are pretty and somewhat easy to remember/draw , the characteristics are simple as well (painted outdoor en plein air , optical mixing , they were fascinated with light , loose brushstrokes , wet on wet paint , used colour instead of black ....just be careful if you go for Degas although an impressionist artist who shares many of its characteristics he also challenged the style ) if you put any of the paintings into youtube they have really useful resources and commentary on it . Sorry abt the long post , hoped it helped in any way !
Sorchak55 — 15/06/16
Thank you so much!!actually helped loads ! @cloudy2214
donagh97 — 15/06/16
Would going over newgrange, the book of kells and sean keating+orpen cover me for section 1?
cloudy2214 — 16/06/16
It should ...the manuscripts werent on for two years so theyre due a turn they could throw in the metalwork of thr Christian period , im not sure about the other ones since I did bronze and iron age but it should be okay
donagh97 — 16/06/16
Santa_7212 — 16/06/16
where would jac yeats come up ??
Santa_7212 — 16/06/16
section 2 or 3?
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