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    what is on support and prep work? student331

    So I know prep work is drawings and words and support is print outs and words but what exactly do you put on it?

    On prep work do you say what you are going to do or what you have actually done? And are you allowed print outs on prep work and vice versa? Sorry, they didn't have a thread for JC art.

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      Your support board is a representation of how you can up with the idea. If you originally wanted your, eg. Painting, to be of an orange but ended up painting a shoe the support board should show how this idea went from one idea to another. Our teacher calls it a barf sheet cause you basically throw every part of your thought process down on paper. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think writing is nessecary.

      The prep sheet is an in depth explanation through imagery and words as to how you created your piece eg. Pictures of the different shoes you considered painting, sketches you did during the process or to practice, colour studies you under took before painting the shoe etc. The prep sheet tends to be a bit more 'wordy' I believe, it's been a while since my junior cert project.

      I would suggest that when doing any writing for your prep sheet try and use your own hand writing. It's original and authentic. According to my teacher at the time it is very well liked by examiners

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