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2010 Question , Help
tinash Leaving Cert Biology — 17/12/16 14

I am stuck on one question . 'Give one example of use of immobilised enzymes in bioreactors.In your answer name the enzyme , the substrate and the product'

Libby_2818 — 06/11/16
you could use the example of glucose being converted to fructose. fructose is much sweeter than glucose and is used as a sweetener in soft drinks for example. soft drink producers use fructose as opposed to glucose as you need less of it to sweeten the drinks than would be required if glucose were to be used. glucose is converted into fructose by action of the enzyme glucose isomerase. enzyme- glucose isomerase, substrate- glucose, product- fructose
bridgetown1 — 07/11/16
any enzyme with matching substrate and product. because you can be sure that somebody somewhere has immobilized it and tried it in a bioreactor
Bvlikis — 09/11/16
Glucose (substrate) Glucose isomerase (enzyme) Fructose (product)
Bvlikis — 09/11/16
Penicillin (substrate) Penicillin acylase (enzyme) New antibiotic (product)
bridgetown1 — 10/11/16
'NEW ANTIBIOTIC' IS NOT A NAMED PRODUCT!!! Do NOT use that in an exam. You MUST be able to give a DEFINITE NAMED PRODUCT for the action of an enzyme on a specific product.
mikekav — 11/11/16
As Bridgetown explained, any substrate, enzyme and product. Just 3 words really. Keep it simple. Starch, amylase, maltose.
KS98 — 13/11/16
Exactly as Mike said. Keep simple. Zymase (in yeast) acts on glucose to form ethanol too.
bridgetown1 — 14/11/16
Zymase is NOT an enzyme, it is an enzyme 'complex' (a mixture of enzymes, each with a separate substrate and product) DO NOT USE ZYMASE AS AN EXAMPLE OF AN ENZYME.
KS98 — 14/11/16
Well I stand corrected, thanks for pointing that out
KS98 — 14/11/16
I'd say you still might get away with it though tbh.
KS98 — 14/11/16
Lipase would also be one
flashgut — 16/11/16
bridgetown1 ... U might want to get ur keyboard checked..... #randomlyusingcapslock....#lol
KS98 — 16/11/16
Yeah, all that shouting
tinash — 17/12/16
Thank you everyone , I appreciate the help!
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