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    Leave out chapters MaryJ

    Is it a bad thing to not study a section in biology for example: Genetics

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      its not if your sure they wont come up but have a look over old exam papers and make sure your able to answer all questions and if you are its ok to skip them then

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      Genetics is one of the few certainties in the exam. Why would you leave that one out?

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      you can leave genetics out :) I am !

      you have a great choice on the leaving cert paper so you can just leave that question out :)

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      The reason i want to leave it out is as i find it very difficult and i am repeating and i still can't understand it.

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      section 1 and section 2 (and experiments) are 80 percent of exam,u can leave stuff out in section 3 if u like taking risks

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      Are they really 80 percent of the exam?

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      my biology teacher left out genetics in his LC and he still managed to get an A1 in honors level!

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      well i will leaving it out :)

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