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    Protein Synthesis, Respiration, Photosynthesis. MisterBorgia

    Anyway of simplifying these topics in order to remember their processes better?

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      Conor Brennan

      protien synthesis is split up into two parts transcription and translation.

      trascription:is making mrna from dna

      1.find the code for the particular protien in the dna

      2.the enzyme rna polymerase unzips the dna containing the code, exposing the bases.

      3.rna nucleotides the come and join with the exposed bases to form mrna

      translation:making protie from mrna

      1.mrna travels to ribosome

      2. trna containing anticodons is attached to amino acids

      3. trna attaches to corresponding mrna forming along chain of amino acids.

      3 types of codon: start stop and a code for a particular amino acid.

      rrna helps mrna attach to ribosome

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      Conor Brennan

      respiration: firststage =glycolysis ,happens in cytosol, does not need oxygen. glucose broke down into pyruvate and a small amount of energy is released.

      secondstage happens in mitochondria with oxygen. co2 leaves pyruvate and acytel is fomed, that is then uited with co enzyme a to produce acytyl co.a. this then enters the krebs cycle where co2 H and atp is formed. the energy is made from the H joining with o2 to form h20.

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