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Biology enzyme help
Mayo7 Leaving Cert Biology — 22/11/16 6

Anyone know the use of an imbolissed enzyme bioreactor with the enzyme, substrate and product?

bridgetown1 — 21/11/16
Any valid enzyme with matching substrate and product
Hamid — 21/11/16
Pencilin - penicilin acylase - new forms of antibiotics Substrate Enzyme Product
Mayo7 — 22/11/16
thanks for the help
bridgetown1 — 22/11/16
Don't use Acylase as an example. 'New Forms of Antibiotics' is NOT a valid, named product.
Mayo7 — 22/11/16
can yous please give me an a reliable enzyme,substrate and product, thanks
bridgetown1 — 22/11/16
amylase, starch, maltose.
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