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biology enzyme help please
Mayo7 Leaving Cert Biology — 23/11/16 5

Anyone know one application of an immobolised with a substrate, enzyme and product? which came up in 2007, thanks

anachu17 — 20/11/16
glucose (substrate)---->(isomerase)(enzyme)--->fructose(product)
bridgetown1 — 21/11/16
Any valid enzyme with correct substrate and product will get the marks.
Mayo7 — 21/11/16
But wat application do I use for glucose, isomerase and fructose, thanks
bridgetown1 — 21/11/16
The application is to change the glucose into fructose!! That's all! You do not have to know or say what you want to use the fructose for.
Jack tack 99 — 23/11/16
i agree
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