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Biology Practicles!!!
Kuruguns Leaving Cert Biology — 12/10/16 5

Is there any good website that can help with writing up methods diagrams and conclusions for experiments when dealing with Biology practicles?? Or does anyone use a book of some type that contains all biology written experiments? If so please tell me...

sophie544 — 10/10/16
Mrcbiology is very good
bridgetown1 — 10/10/16
Get each practical down to 5 basic steps. Quantities/Concentrations of reagents/chemicals not required. Chemicals MUST be spelled correctly. Be able to give the expected results. Know suitable controls where appropriate.
Browneyedgirl99 — 10/10/16
i use a biology revision book its called Essentials unfolded " Leaving Certificate Biology higher & ordinary level" its by Mona Murray and it is great all the practicals are summarized with diagrams on the back 6 pages its a small compact exam focused revision book and i absolutely love it :) just be warned extra detail on the theory might have to be added other that that you're ready to go :) its also only €7
sophie544 — 10/10/16
@browneyedgirl99 did you get sent the maths notes on co ordinate geometry?:)
Kuruguns — 12/10/16
Wow thanks guys��
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