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    DEB Higher Level Biology Mock? Nicolafx

    Anyone know what came up in DEB HL Bio please I'm desperate??

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      Visit my page for an extensive Biology mock review.

      Thanks Daniel.

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      Please if u get it send it to me :)

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      Hey, how to visit ur page.

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      the pre was difficult, Section A was on enzymes, 2 on ecology, one on genetics, one on Amoeba and one on plant reproduction

      Section B had an ecology experiment, experiment on the germination of seeds and experiment on the transverse section of a dicot stem, and an enzyme experiment

      Section C had a Genetics and DNA question with DNA replication, an ecology question, a question on the muscles and bone and draw the heart, a question on immobilising enzymes and stage 2 of respiration, a question on the ear, lymphatic system and homoeostasis, a question on the birth process, plant transport and tropism

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