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    Diagrams biology Double007

    Anyone know or have a list of the diagrams we should be able to draw/label for the biology lc hl exam.

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      There is no specific list of diagrams which you must know. You can be asked to draw a diagram of any structure described on the syllabus. However the attached document gives a list of (to the best of my knowledge!) every diagram asked over the last 15 or more years.

      Remember, you should be able to draw all diagrams in under 60 seconds. Don't bother colouring. Keep in mind the basic rule: Everything in roughly the right position, roughly the right size and roughly the right shape.

      attachment LC Diag list.doc

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      And of course, use pencil!!!

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      U could b asked to draw a dinosaur

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      Nitrogen Cycle would definitely be one

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      Also know how to draw the heart inside out

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      learn all the diagrams your teacher gives you is all, then youre not taking any chances and you can draw anything that they ask you

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      you dont need to know how to draw the nitrogen cycle niallers. look back its never been asked.

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      nitrogen cycle is apparently likely this year (coming from grinds) , id make sure you roughly know where the labels go at least

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