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Genetics Gregor Mendel
molly6578 Leaving Cert Biology — 30/09/16 4

do we need to know about gregor mendel in much detail

shaun.wallace.3994 — 15/09/16
Chris241197 — 15/09/16
Define 'Detail'
bridgetown1 — 16/09/16
gregor mendel austrian monk 1820-1880 (exact dates not required) studied patterns of inheritance in pea plants (flower colour, pea colour, pea shape etc) developed his 2 laws (segregation and randon assortment) that's about it.
Liam Doughan — 30/09/16
The application of his laws must be known also. A great example of this being the 2015 Q7 (b) (iii) in the agricultural science paper.
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