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hardest chapter
Alan1 Leaving Cert Biology — 30/11/16 7

whats the hardest subject to grasp in biology? thanks

annemariejordan — 10/11/16
Defence system
Ibraheem_3299 — 10/11/16
defense is very easy. id say genetics
MrC2808 — 10/11/16
All of it�� So much in to it
flashgut — 12/11/16
The Physics part....
KS98 — 13/11/16
Depends on the student IMO, ecology is boring but far from hard, experiments are handy compared to other sciences, particularly chemistry. I find sexual reproduction in plants hard but we've yet to do much of human anatomy.
caoimhe98 — 16/11/16
so far the photosynthesis, plant transportation chapters are the only ones that i have found to be hard and id be a fairly average student :)
Charles_5165 — 30/11/16
plant chapters
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