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joemcmahon1998 Leaving Cert Biology — 02/06/16 4

i have been doing higher level for the last 2 years and up until the pres i have never failed a test i got 24 percent in the pres and i am wondering with the leaving cert in a week should i drop to ordinary level or stick wth hl ?

Zoier6th — 01/06/16
If you think youre capable of doing higher and really need higher for the extra more points then you should just do it but if youre really unconfident in higher (like i was) anddont need to do higher and would be fine with whatever points you get with ordinary then you should consider dropping like for eg bio is one of my worst subjects ever and the college i am going to doesnt require biology just once i pass my subjects im fine so for me there was no need to do higher biology and because i find it so difficult the best thing for me was to drop but everyones different its really up to your self and how you feel with it :-)
Niamh:) — 02/06/16
Remember though, the pres are extremely hard and if you truly have never failed a test other than the pres then go for it! Like if you got a C3 in Bio at higher level that is 60 points, which is the same as an A1 at ordinary level so if you think you can get higher than a C3 then go for it because it'll be worth it for the extra points :-) but if you really feel uncomfortable doing higher and feel like you'll only achieve a C3 or lower at higher level then drop to ordinary and don't have the extra stress, it's really up to you at the end of the day and how you feel about it!
joemcmahon1998 — 02/06/16
I only want a d1 /d2 I just don't want to risk failing it
John smith234 — 02/06/16
its possible to pass it but you have to learn at least the basics like ecology and know all the experiments so you can answer the the 2 experiment questions. Look through the book and make sure you know all those definitions.
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