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    Leaving cert biology app Graham90978

    Hi guys

    The following is an app for iPhones based on the leaving cert. It asks randomized questions from a bunch of different topics in leaving cert biology, covering most of the theory you need to know:

    The whole point of the app is so that when you have 5 minutes you can maximize your study potential. If youre waiting on a bus, or sitting in the car or anytime youre free, and cant take out books, you can use the app.

    It might be of use to people as an aid to studying. It doesn't matter if you're in 5th or 6th year, this app will help you zoom through a load of different questions

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      thanks for the app it is brilliant.

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      thank you!

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      Gave this app a go the other day. I have my biology christmas exams coming up and its been really useful, thanks!

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      Hey guys, with the mocks coming up, this app might be helpful in testing your knowledge of some biology theory in a short amount of time!

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      Is this available for Android??

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      Thank you so much !

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      Im afraid its not available for android :/ I appreciate the positive feedback guys! Can you please spread the word on to anyone you think might want to use it

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      Using the app now after the mocks! Getting loads of revision done on the bus in the mornings with it!

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