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    Anybody have any advice about leaving out the genetics questions (just looking over and not learning in detail) and focusing on answering the other questions well? Is this too risky?

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      yes too risky. its a guaranteed question. should study in detail

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      my teacher said leave if you leave it out make sure you study everything else in detail, other way of looking at it is the fact its defo going to come up unlike human reproduction etc

      but im not studying it

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      If you put money on every horse you cant lose as they say

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      We haven't done genetics at all, there is still some choice if you don't do it

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      Over the years the genetics questions have been getting easier and easier until now they can frequently be answered in 10 minutes on half a page. Worth studying, if you ask me!!

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      theres always a gentics question and human reproduction qs and ususally an ecology question. i feel either photosynthesis and respiration continuously appear but not in every paper. like one eyar you have photosynthesis and the next respiration

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      Grace Fay

      You can get away with not studying it if you know everything else in great detail!

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      It's marked extremely hard tho as the majority of people do the question

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      My own teacher recommended to us not to jump into the genetics question first as can be harder than it initially seems but to answer it after answering the other questions if you are confident in your genetics

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      It's actually not that bad, once you know how to do the genetic crosses and how to get the genotype/phenotype of the parents when given to F1 genotype.

      I would definitely not encourage anyone to leave genetics out, since there is guaranteed to be at least one question in each section on it.

      Hope it helps!


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      i am 100% leaving out the genetics question. my teacher reckons that it's entirely up to myself and that i can do a perfectly good higher level paper without that question. i get extremely frustrated with that chapter!

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