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    predicted chapters gbcplkt3

    Hi everyone, I'm in higher level and so confused because there's is a lot of revision to do... does anyone know which chapters or experiments I should really revise by heart? thank you

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      Ecology, Genetics/DNA, Food/biomolecules & Photosynthesis and/or Cellular Respiration, plant structure & reproduction are topics that are on the paper every year.

      My advice- briefly look over your notes & do ALL Q's from 2014-2007 on each

      Aside from those- I have a hunch that The Urinary system, enzymes, human embryonic development (as part of human reproduction), perhaps something on immunity/viruses.

      I'm a Biology teacher btw :-)

      Best of luck

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      From another thread here:

      Every year 2 exams are set and 1 is chosen at random. Prediction is quaint, but pointless. I predict either photosynthesis or respiration, an ecology question, probably some genetics, one or two human systems and some plant biology. Am I accurate?????

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      Sam Guilfoyle

      excretion !!!

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