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predictions for higher level biology
ChloeC27 Leaving Cert Biology — 10/06/16 10

does anyone have any predictions for higher level biology pleaseeeeee

roisinj2 — 07/06/16
human reproduction
ChloeC27 — 07/06/16
thank u
Clay97 — 07/06/16
The heart/ blood Excretion & homeostasis Sense organs Genetic engineering Dicot stem experiment and all the regulars respiration food etc.
ChloeC27 — 07/06/16
omg thank u , such a life saver
Jillian — 08/06/16
The urinary system and the skeleton are likely to come up this year
Rosa_4845 — 08/06/16
any ideas on what experiment except the dicot one?
Phteven — 08/06/16
Don't take predictions for bio just do a few papers as practice the night before and correct them using the marking scheme to have a good idea of what they are actually looking for. The hardest experiment would be isolation of DNA and immobilisation of enzymes so learn those and for the others just try to remember the chemicals used. They don't actually require much information for experiments just a safety precaution, sterilisation, chemical etc
Will_lyons — 08/06/16
Hwatchorn — 08/06/16
Penis is likely to come up this year, especially how good looking I am
barry goulding — 10/06/16
Willy and vagina hehe
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