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Predictions on biology for lc
Rachstauntoes Leaving Cert Biology — 20/05/16 11

Any predictions on biology?

ste — 17/05/16
my geuss would be that it is all about that bass about that base now treble
Katieee0317 — 17/05/16
senses is supposed to come up like the ear
abcdef — 18/05/16
how do u just pass biology (HL)?
Tiernan_5845 — 18/05/16
genetics haha
Rachel_8010 — 18/05/16
Ecology, Photosynthesis or Respiration and Genetics always come up. Some people are saying that the heart and excretion are due to come up. The human reproductive system normally comes up too.
Rachel_8010 — 19/05/16
Oh and microorganisms normally come up. Usually bacteria and or fungi
abcdef — 19/05/16
thnx a mill
alexquinn13 — 19/05/16
anyone doin OL , i got a quest and it was fair easier ... hahaha fungi
curvy_deska211 — 19/05/16
This is what my biology teacher said that is likely come up: -Hormones (insulin) -Osmosis -Structure of cell membrance -Immune system -Virus -Kidneys -Xylem &phloem - Vegetive propagation - Sexual reproduction of a flower (wind pollination, and first parts of the chapter) ... that's what I have noted anyway... I also think that bones, ear, photosynthesis and respiration should be revised as well, with great detail.
jodieguila97 — 19/05/16
The heart as an experiment questions. Excretion ( the Nephron) Either the ear or the eye.
benleonard98 — 20/05/16
I have been looking at the two of the pre papers and it looks like excretion and the musculoskeletal system will come up
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