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    Quick Biology predictions Deaglan_1245

    Right lads I'm rightly fucked for Biology so What do yee think is worth studying in about 2 hours

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      heart, eye, ear, nephron, genetics, nervous system, plant fetilization and their male and female gamete formation, respiration, photosynthesis, ecology. All due up in my opinion.

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      deffo ecology because its always a big part

      genetic definitions

      photosynthesis and respiration (because the both link in)

      and 2 experiements

      1. effect of ph on an enzyme

      2. dicot stem in plants

      thats all you're gonna get in in 2 hours but its enough because its whats due up :)))))

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      Graand sound both of yee I'm flat out cramming here

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      ecology as there can be up to three questions on it.

      respiration and photosynthesis, normally a question on one or both.

      plant reproduction

      human reproduction (female hasn't come up in a while)

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      Forgot to say I'm in ordinary if that makes any difference to what you think

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      a lot of ordinary is labelling diagrams, have a good look over all diagrams

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