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    Screwed for Biology HontheLC

    Does anyone else feel absoloutely screwed for Biology or is it just me.. Theres so many chapters between cells, plants, ecology, human systems etc.. Also having it the same day as Irish paper 2 doesnt help.

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      I have to study for biology too. I got ecology done in one day and it was hell. If you take a full day to get one unit done then you can do it

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      that guy

      3 days left....

      still screwed

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      your nannies bones are freezing in her shallow grave

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      Revise all the major topics that constantly come up . Dna , genetics , einsims , respiration , and food .

      Probably better off just doing exam questions now cause the exam is pretty repetitive :-)

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      For what its worth, the app here:

      has hundreds of short questions on the topics in biology. You could give that a go. In the final few days now, you need to be as productive as possible with what free time you have. Check out videos on youtube about each topic, see if you retain more information that way, rather than reading through the same topic a dozen times

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      Our teacher told us If you study - Respiration, Genetics, DNA/RNA, Photosynthesis and the Skeleton you will be able to answer most questions!

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      feck bio

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