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Sexual preproduction in flowering plants. PLEASE HELP :(
ciaracurran Leaving Cert Biology — 02/06/16 13

When you're ask to describe the development of a pollen grain from a microspore mother cell is it enough to just draw a labelled diagram or must you write a paragraph with it explaining what's happening?

ciaracurran — 26/05/16
Anyone please?
Grace Fay — 26/05/16
You must write something! They often don't reward full marks for a diagram alone
EA22 — 26/05/16
To get full marks you will need a clad labelled diagram and a good explaination
lollb1998 — 26/05/16
To answer your question, I would give the whole description of what happens, unless specifically told otherwise. Something along the lines of this should do: so you basically have two flowers, and the male one releases a pollen grain from the anther. This lands on the female carpel, and divides into the tube nucleus and generative nucleus. The tube nucleus 'digs' a tube inside the style, through the ovary and up to the ovule. The generative nucleus follows on and divides to form two haploid nuclei, of which one will fertilise the egg cell (n), and the other the 2 polar nuclei (n). The polar nuclei will become an endosperm nucleus (3n). This is the only section of the course where you will ever hear of a 'triploid nucleus'!! The endosperm eventually becomes the food store for the germinating seed. The fertilised egg cell forms the seed, which will then germinate to produce a new plant. This should get you full marks. Best of luck with the study! Lorenzo
lollb1998 — 26/05/16
And don't forget a small labelled diagram, even if they don't ask you for it.
shaun.wallace.3994 — 26/05/16
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Fiachra smith — 27/05/16
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Fiachra smith — 27/05/16
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jackkfleming — 27/05/16
when an anther and an ovary really love each other, they go to a place comfortable and produce a seed
jackkfleming — 27/05/16
when an anther and an ovary really love each other, they go to a comfortable place and produce a seed
shaun.wallace.3994 — 28/05/16
Ryan_5923 Do you have any more of those notes?
bridgetown1 — 02/06/16
if the question just says 'describe' then either a paragraph OR a suitable diagram or series of diagrams could be fine!! If it says, 'describe using diagrams' then diagrams MUST be included and full marks can not be obtained if they are omitted. Recently questions have said 'diagrams alone will not be sufficient' or similar, in which case you MUST include a relevant paragraph.
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