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Subject Choice - Advice Needed!
SeanP6A Leaving Cert Biology — 06/10/16 3

I'm currently in 5th year and am kind of regretting picking History as a subject. The workload, the essays, the personalities that you have to learn are really overwhelming and yet you are only tested on a minority of the course! The class feels tedious and boring, whereas I found it really interesting in third year. Should I switch to biology? I really disliked it in the Junior Cert, but managed to get a B in the science exam. What is the workload like compared to History? Which subject is more feasible? The exam seems a lot more approachable because there are short questions and experiments throughout. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am very confused about what to do. Thanks!

E.Devitt — 06/10/16
I do history but not biology and I can tell you that the workload gets easier as you go. You get better at writing essays and it becomes less daunting. And if you switch now think of the workload you'll have to catch up on.
rachel.barclay.56 — 06/10/16
I do History and Biology and honesty History is way more interesting as a subject! Biology is super difficult especially the exam questions and as History is 20% research project you'd be mad to switch. History is such an interesting subject and after practicing the essays for awhile they do get easier. Best of luck with whatever you pick!
SeanP6A — 06/10/16
Thanks for the advice! I think I will stick with History so :)
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