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    To or not to choose Biology for Leaving Cert? Shane_patterson56

    I am in TY at the moment and am wondering weather to choose Biology or not for Leaving Cert. I got a C in Higher Science in the Junior and have heard that this is below the standard for Higher Biology in Leaving? Is this the case? Is there anything I can do to improve my Biology knowledge during TY as my school do not do a biology module? Thank you for reading.

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      Biology is the HARDEST of the 3 Leaving Certificate Science subjects. Year on year, higher level biology has a lower rate of 'honours' and a higher 'failure' rate than either chemistry or physics (though with the advent of the new H1, H2, H3 etc grading system in 2017 these statistics may change!).

      So, what is my advice? If you are interested in biology or feel you may need it for a possible 3rd level course then a JC 'C' would be fine for Ordinary Level Biology. But, and it is a very big but, DO NOT CHOOSE IT AS THE EASY OPTION. IT IS A LONG AND AT TIMES DIFFICULT SUBJECT.

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      No,Biology is not the hardest Science subject,it is the easiest to learn and do well in once you study and know the theory of it.I do both Biology and Chemistry and honestly,Chemistry is MUCH harder.You have to actually understand ìt,it won't do you any good if you just learn it off.I'm in 5th year and I got an A in higher Biology in the Christmas tests.In Chemistry I got a C.Leaving cert Biology is a bit like Junior Cert Biology but with a lot more detail,there's nothing much you can do except go over the main chapters.Good luck!

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      Thank you both.

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      im in 5th year and biology is alright its hard at times but since I do home ec as well it is a little easy. There is a lot of experiments to learn.

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      also i did ordinary level science for the junior and got a B.

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      If you're a good learning person, biology is fine, there's a lot of learning and diagrams, but if you had any interest in it in 3rd year then you'll like it, yet be prepared for a very long course full of details! Chemistry is more challenging but may suit better if you prefer understanding and maths, I find chemistry much harder than biology but love them both.

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      When comparing the sciences you have to remember Biology has no maths in it which is why it can be perceived as the easier of the 3 sciences. Chemistry and Physics have maths components so that's why some students find them more difficult as well as more abstract concepts that they have to learn. Biology however is the longest course so there is a lot of theory to learn but if you are willing to learn it you can normally do very well in biology.

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      Lucie costello

      I do both biology and chemistry. I find biology is marked quite hard but it is easier to learn because it's all about the body plants etc.. Where as chemistry is hard to visualise because alot of the course is studying things that you can't particularly see and to be honest it took me awhile to get used to the chemical names and formulas. Once the chemistry course was finished we had alot of time for revision and the second time around everything is much easier. I'd recommend chemistry if you aren't a visual learner. If you're a visual learner I'd lean more towards biology.

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      I got a D in higher level science at Junior Cert and in the past 2 years I've been getting A1s in biology from the Christmas tests to the mocks! It's truly the easiest out of the 3 sciences excluding Ag Science.

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      yeah i would pick it as its required for a lot of college courses, the only thing is you have to keep on top of everything you learn then you will be fine !

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      Everything is easy if you put in the effort to learn it

      Repetition is important the more you repeat, the better

      it will finally settle in to your long term memory and you won't forget it easily

      Exam papers are important and can be used to test yourself start them in fifth year, e.g you have finished scientific method(the first chapter) do all past papers on that topic

      And if you ask me I would say start straight away from 5th year

      Don't leave thing till the start of 6th year or even 2 or 3 months before the exam

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      biology is one of my favourite LC subjects. Sure, it's hard and the marking scheme is a wreck the head, but it's a lovely subject overall and with constant practice in exam papers and paying attention to important detail, you'll be capable of achieving an A. I do homec, chemistry and biology and i find biology the easiest out of those three. It's questions on exam papers are repetitive unlike homec and there's no numbers like chemistry.

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