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    Variation and Evolution dagim

    Does anyone think variation and evolution will come up this year? Thank you!

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      Hard to predict, it varies every year

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      We'll just have to adapt on the day

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      is the points system the ultimate example of survival of the fittest?

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      dagim just learn the main question that always seems to come up for variation and evolution and you will be fine needn't to worry. like learn one evidence for evolution e.g horse height 1 million years ago 1.6 height, 15 million years ago 1.0 height , 30 million years ago 0.6 height, 60 million years ago 0.4. this seems to come up nearly most of the time andlook over the exam paper and I will tell u if anything new comes up that I should share with u.

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      Read it once over the next two months and you're done with this chapter. What's there so much to worry about?

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      Needless to say, there has been a gradual variation within the paper as it evolved =D

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      You usually get asked for one of the scientists involved in developing the theory of evolution i.e. Darwin or Wallace. One source of evidence for evolution is often looked for as well

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