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    Why is it so bloody hard??? jamielovesmusic123

    I just cannot get my head around Biology at all , It is so difficult , what the hell am I going to do? , I fail nearly every class test , It's my weakest subject ever! , Anyone any tips?

    Thanks :)

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      Try to think about it logically? it might help? Watch biology videos and see how it actually works. Best of luck!

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      Laura Buckley

      its mainly definitions, try writing out the word on one side of a flashcard and the definition on the other and then test yourself! and the exam papers are repetitive so the more exam papers you practice the better! good luck :)

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      Try using some of the notes available here, I used to struggle with Biology in 5th year but now I'm just getting my head around it. Just come at the subject with a positive mindset, if you think it is impossible it will be.

      A lot of the time the theory we are taught in school over complicates what is actually required for the exam. Use past exam questions here on studyclix to get comfortable with what they want from you. It's easier than it looks! x

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      Thanks :) x

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      I'm the same! I find it so hard but I find doing previous exam questions and writing summary notes helps me a lot!:)

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