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    How much are they looking for for a 30 mark question Jonesy1995

    Taking a question form the 2011 H/L Paper as an example.

    (i)Discuss the rights of consumers under the terms of the Sale of Goods and supply of Services Act 1980.

    (ii) Illustrate two forms of redress available to consumers for breach of the Act.

    Ok so 30 mark question so what are they looking for. You could write 2 or 3 pages on this topic alone. What is a reasonable amount to write to obtain the marks without wasting time. What aspects of this question would you mention?

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      YA GOON

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      4 points on question (i) each carrying 5 marks each state,explain,and example where possible ,and then 2 points for (ii) part once again state,explain,and an example

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      Yes that is correct.

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