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ABQ Part (a)
oKeeLinGo Leaving Cert Business — 16/06/16 4

I just defined the different management skills & gave the link point to them.... My friends defined delegation, meeting & Theory Y manager for each Did you have to or? Hope I didn't just blow 30 marks :/

Anna_1839 — 16/06/16
Nah that's all I did too you'll be grand there's no time for anything else tbh
cmjge — 16/06/16
Management skills are leading, motivating communicating! Delegation is traditionally an enterprise skill!
Ttomk1111 — 16/06/16
You were meant to say their effectiveness so you needed to give a sentence saying how ryan effectively uses Leading, Motivation and Communication
Stewart97 — 16/06/16
I defined delgation, meeting and theory y manager. You didn't blow 30 marks
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