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    Anyone leaving cert business Thomasd18

    Leaving cert business please

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      What paper?

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      Exam craft please

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      Sorry mine was Debs (I think)

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      What was on the DEB paper

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      LQ- Break even chart, tax question where it had a benefit in kind and you had to calculate the net pay, merger and alliance relationship, global business, European social charter, EMU, sale of good and supply of services act, contract, non-legislative methods of industrial relations

      SQ- Difference between p45 and p60, explain ROI and calculate, same for average clause, indemnity and insurable interest, delegation, market segemation, capacity to contract

      ABQ- Managment activiets, that's all I can remember, I think it had marketing and a bit of insurance in it. Not sure though.....

      Have you done Physics?

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      Thanks no sorry

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      Examcraft was relationship between stakeholders, sale of goods and supply of services act, wages calculation question, break even analysis, mergers and takeovers, TQM, different management styles and maslows theory of motivation. ABQ had big emphasis on management activities and means of idea generation (both internal and external)

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      dose anyone have any tips or notes for studing Business? i could do with a helping hand. thanks

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