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    Business Tips Jennooos

    Anyone know how to do well in the ABQ and business in general the marking scheme can be quite tough and there's a lot of material are there any shortcuts?

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      I found this to help me with answering my ABQ'S

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      Think of SEE

      S- STATE

      E- EXPLAIN

      E- EXAMPLE

      This is what our Business teacher tells us to do , it is helpful , You should always back up your answers with a quote - e.g. reference to the text... No matter what.

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      thanks! i try and follow that guideline but have a tough time finding accurate quotes and getting all the points down in the allocated time frame :)

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      No Problem! :) I know it is really hard as some quotes are so long and you don't know which one is relevant! Try your best that is all you can do! :-)

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