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    do you need to have done JC business to do Lc business Caoimhenolan

    I haven't done business for the junior cert and just wondering will I find it hard if I do it or should I just choose a different subject

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      not at is an extremely useful subject and has a lot of practical examples relating to your own life. However you may be best to discuss this with a teacher.

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      weigh out your options, if you like theory based subjects it'll be fine but if you don't like learning lots of info then look at something like economics

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      You can easily pick up Business at senior cycle without ever having done it before. But do remember it will involve a lot of learning and is not the 'easy' subject that many think it is. Best of luck.

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      nope you can do business in leaving cert even though you havent done it for your junior cert :)

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      wouldn't advise you to pick up business as you need to have a good foundation of knowledge to do well in it at leaving cert especially if considering doing higher level.

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      If you are willing to put in the work and learn off the definitions etc. then you won't have to have done junior cert business before leaving cert business :)

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      I didn't do it for the JC and picked it up easily, i'd definitely go for it!

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