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    Hard paper? nikitha_s

    Was anyone else disappointed with the HL paper? I personally thought the short questions were shit :(

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      ya they were tough....timing was also lousy

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      Timing was hard

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      M Monahan

      I knew timing would be a problem, what questions came up?

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      q1- reasons fair dismissal,constructive dissmisal,NCA and terminating a contract

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      @mmonahan management skills, sources of finance ( long term , short term etc) , business expansion for ABQ , long qs were enterprise, eu, nca, breach of contract , TQM, job production, branding for products, planning ... That's all I can remember right now

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      ABQ was management skills,expansion and cant remember the third

      no ratio analysis, just breakeven

      Q1 was fair dississal,constructive dismissal,NCA, termination of contract

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      desk and field research, sales promotion,matrix structure

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      Omg @mmonahan everything you said came up! The limitations of B/chart and everything about contracts..I was so glad I read your post!! Thanks a million :)

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      I hated the paper so much

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      M Monahan

      Thank you for your feedback, I am delighted that I could assist you all, yes I knew the BE, Limitation, sources of finance and Matrix structure was due to come up. Well done Business Students, another examination done.

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      Why dylan1999?

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      timing was a joke

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      Only for I'm a fast writer I got it done but know loads didn't get it done !! Our teacher said that they are pushing to change it but sec won't do it !! Around 20 pages in 3 hours is crazy when we get 3:20 hrs to write paper 2 in English which is normally less

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      Gillian Hoey

      What did anyone write for the function of the NCA?

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      @Gillian Hoey

      the nca ; provides information to consumers, advocates(fights) for consumers rights , investigate breaches of consumer laws, look into consumer issues

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      promote consumer welfare/ interests , publishes consumer magazine, then i brought in the consumer protection act saying that they protect and misleading claims, goods and service and also ensures that there are no aggressive practices. wrote evrything because i didnt know what they were looking for -_-

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      Gillian Hoey

      Okay thanks a mill!! I think I said something along the lines of those

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      Also about enforcement...they can issue prohibition order or on the spot fines

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      And the timing is a joke....we sit in Irish paper 1 for 2 hours to write a 3 page essay and we have to then write over 20 pages in 3 hours for business

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      I thought timing was a joke too, way too tight for time

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      Anybody know if there's any negative marking or penalties? Say for example you gave 6 answers but only 3 were right

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      Don't think there is

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      Maybe they were only looking for 3 and you could still get full marks if them 3 were right :) it's so hard to tell what their looking for when answering a Q

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      I forgot to write my examination number on my graph paper for business what will happen

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      Gillian Hoey

      was the SQ asking about the rise of euro being negative on irish exports to UK true or false

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      True I think

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