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HL business predictions
Katie_97Xo Leaving Cert Business — 12/06/16 3

anyone have any idea of what topics to definatley go over or have an idea what will come up? (apart from going over units 3,4,5) thanks

studyswot — 12/06/16
Business plan
M Monahan — 12/06/16
Look at https://www.studyclix.ie/Discuss/Leaving-Cert-Business/key-topics-for-2016-leaving-certificate-business-examination also a good ABQ on relevant units this year.
M Monahan — 12/06/16
Business Plan, Letter Writing, Business Reports and Memo, Average Clause (short Questions) have not come up for a few years! Break even chart where the BE point changes due to a change in the variable cost is also likely, look at my notes. Functions/Role of the Human Resources Manager has also not come up for a while.
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