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HL or OL
Josh_6535 Leaving Cert Business — 15/06/16 2

I'm scared I'll fail the higher level and not sure whether to do it and try pass it or move down. Any opinions on what to do?

M Monahan — 15/06/16
Hi Josh, I know it very hard to think under examination pressure and I hope the following link will assist you prepare for your examination https://www.studyclix.ie/Discuss/Leaving-Cert-Business/key-topics-for-2016-leaving-certificate-business-examination, go through the key elements, see how much you know about them this should assist in making up your mind. Best of luck.
Josh_6535 — 15/06/16
Thank you, I got the timing wrong in the mocks and didn't get the the abq finished and missed out on one long question too, I got 27%. My friend also failed and got his test rechecked by a different teacher and he passed, so I think my teacher may have marked the tests really strict
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