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How many people in a ltd
Sarah654 Leaving Cert Business — 15/06/16 6

Ok so teacher says 1-50 but on one of the marking schemes it says 1-99 what to do thanks

CianTwyford — 15/06/16
For a private limited company (ltd) it is between 1-99 :) Your teacher is wrong :P
ElaineMac — 15/06/16
Actually the teacher is not wrong at all. In fact a private limited company can have between 1 and 50 shareholders. It must have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50. Hope this helps. Can you tell me what year the marking scheme said 99 ??
Ttomk1111 — 15/06/16
The new model of LTD, actually is 1-149. It was 1-99 though.
CianTwyford — 15/06/16
Our business book from 2013 says 1-99. Does that mean they have to accept various answers?
David Ring — 15/06/16
i think they have to accept various answers, my book says 50 but my teacher told us to change it to 99 . i think either is okay
ElaineMac — 15/06/16
Hi all am now back, having checked the Companies Act 2014 it does indeed say 149 members so i would use this figure in your exam. I will check again re the 50 however I think that 99 may also be accepted. will update as soon as I can
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