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    Leaving Unit 6 Double007

    Whats the drawbacks of skipping unit 6 Completely . But, studying all the rest units.

    Like I know all the short qs, that could come up from unit 6. To cover me in that area.

    Leaving unit 6. would leave me with 6 choices in long questions.(meaning i will not be able to do qs 2 on the first section)( you only have a maximum of 2 questions u can anwer from this)

    one of those questions, I will not count is the ratio ones(they are easy to calculate, but a pain in the ### to comment about them) so that leaves 5 out of 4.

    2 from first section. 3 from 2nd section.

    What do you guys think ?.

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      We were asking our teacher about this and she doesn't recommend skipping anything but in fairness, the paper is quite predictable. I'd say concentrate on the units your suggesting for the next few months then a few weeks before the exam read through it just to cover yourself

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      We were told to skip units 6 and 7, so that you have to do question 1 from the first section and the other 3 from the second section

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      Leaving Unit 6 is definitely an option. In theory you could skip two out of Unit 1,6,7. Just be warned that the marking schemes for Unit 6 and Unit 7 questions tend to be easier more lenient as less people answer the questions.

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      My teacher says we can afford to leave out 1 out of the 7 units. Just make sure whatever unit you leave out, you know it for the short questions.

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      M Monahan

      Limiting your choice for short questions as these are based on all elements of the course.

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