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    Marketing Kittykat98

    Does anyone have notes on marketing? There is so much to write I don't know how to condense it all down!

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      I haven't got virtual notes but it's a topic that comes up every year as question 7 so definitely practice the past questions

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      Practice past exam questions - It WILL help , Do out spider diagrams - List and explain the main points -

      The 4 p's of Marketing:

      P - Product

      P - Price

      P - Place

      P - Promotion

      - Explain these yourself - This could also come up in the ABQ's as this year is based on units 3,4 and 5 I think???

      Terms like Market Research , Market Segmentation , Marketing , Desk And Field Research etc...

      Hope I helped :-)

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      Thanks :-) this really helped

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      Breffni Conaty

      Hi, I teach adults some check over one or two of the slides in case you think they are inappropriate (badly named products) but this gets me through my favourite topic to teach. Some really good video case studies too. I do a CNBC Original on 'The Real Story Behind Coca-Cola' which is brilliant.

      If you pop me your email I can send as can't upload here as 6.5MB

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