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    Paper Cormacm98

    Anyone else not get the paper finished??

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      i got it finished but had to rush it

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      oh the timing is so annoying :( i just about got it finished but i was rushing my last questiosn! how did you find the paper?

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      I was writing until the last second and only wrote like one point for a 15 mark question :((

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      Cruelty. I couldn't get two break evens. ABQ was very managable.

      Very disappointing

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      Doing break evens first helped my timing. For 20 marks it doesnt take that long

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      M Monahan

      How was the rest of the paper?

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      nice overall

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      Lc8/6/16 I thought the paper was quite do-able but just the timing of the paper was tough, a lot on entrepreneurial skills/characteristics.

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      what time does the paper go up on

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      6 pm

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      ya i agree @cormacm98 it was a rush .....ya there did you find short qs?

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      Yup! I had to rush all the answers plus I never got time to finish short questions I left them till last :/ they were too hard and I didn't have the time

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      Lc8/6/16 thought short questions were okay, few of them were hard overall was pretty happy with them. What you think?

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      legit had two long questions left to do at 12.10 , don't even know what i wrote in the last hour of the exam. So disappointing when your able to do it and you run out of time, the system is fucked .... -_- the questions were not the worst but jesus christ there was so many parts in each question anyone else find that? especially in the ABQ? ugh rant over..

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      100% agree we put in hard work for 2 years and then are able to answer the questions but there's so much to write on everything that you run out of time which is really unfair cause you can't prove what you're actually capable of....ABQ is a nuisance

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