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predictions ??
leanneeM98 Leaving Cert Business — 22/05/16 7

anyone have any predictions they would like to share for the exam in june??

Collinserica97 — 05/05/16
I think maslows hierarchy of needs may come up because it hasn't been on the papers in a good while ! I'm really depending on predictions , no way I can learn the whole course in detail at this stage
wylde1 — 06/05/16
maybe brandernburg
kristina988 — 07/05/16
break even
martinnnn — 08/05/16
wages 2.
leanneeM98 — 10/05/16
thanks! my teacher said break even aswell and management skills/activities havent been up in awhile
Shanmeehan — 11/05/16
M Monahan — 22/05/16
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