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Calculating the percentage water of crystallisation
Sarah18 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 10/10/16 5

If anyone could tell me how to do this, that would be great. Have been looking at 2014 HL Q1 in particular and really confused on how they figured out the gl-1 of the anhydrous bit. Thanks :)

Saldrock — 03/10/16
Good luck
seamus.breathnach.9 — 06/10/16
Hey sarah, when finding the Mr of Sodium carbonate you actually include the water, making the total Mr 106. and hence, 106 X 0.0432 (Moles per litre of sodium carbonate) = 4.6g/l-1
Sarah18 — 07/10/16
Thanks so much!! :)
Kayli smyth — 09/10/16
this is the maths thing I absolutely cant do. Does anyone have examples
Sarah18 — 10/10/16
Hope that helps :)
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