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    Chemistry JadeSheehan

    Anyone recommend any good chemistry revision book?? ( If you are in 5th year or leaving cert ) please comment not junior cert thanks!

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      hahaha you're so funny... I see what you did there... "NOT JUNIOR CERT"

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      SryanBruen would you please stop commenting? I'm asking a person that is in 5th year or leaving cert thanks very much.

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      Revise Wise Chemistry is pretty solid, maybe too much detail in it. Rapid Revsion Chemistry is more simplified and if you have the Chemistry Live book it is the same fella who wrote it so it helps break down the important parts of the main book.

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      Thank you so so much! Will try get that book! Have the chemistry live book! Great job perfect thank you!

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      rapid revision is excellent, its our main resource!

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      Thank you so much Shaunacraig97 very helpful! :)

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