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    chemistry notess Kayli smyth

    hi all. I have really good chemistry notes, very detailed. If anyone wants them just give me a buzz on email or here, either suits

    . Thought I might as well do a good deed because it'd be a shame for them to go to waste!

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      Thanks !!

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      shanemacken2000 thank you!

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      Heba_9839 thanks!

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      laurastck thanks!

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      Stephanie K

      I would so so so appreciate them.

      Thanks so so much

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      Alex F

      I would be so so grateful for them


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      My email is

      Please also send to me, I would sooooo very much appreciate it.. :) <3

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      Clara doran

      Hi, I'd love if you could help

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      Brona Rockzz

      yess... thank you

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      Omega Zero I'd greatly appreciate it.

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      Thanks so much!

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      Sarah18 thanks!! :)

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      Des_8232 thank uuuuuu

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      That would be awesome !

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      seanin7 Thanks!

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      Kayli smyth

      No bother everyone. If you want to add me on snapchat it would be easier for me to send them To you.


      Just tell me that you would like the chemistry notes and I'll send them on.

      P.s tell me what specific chapters you would like. Also I only have noted up until chemical equilibrium

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      Hi I don't have snapchat or any social media except fb and email, is there any other options or even through this?

      My email is

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      Brona Rockzz

      Don't have snap chat..... pls send it here

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      AmyMurphy6 thank you so much!

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      Thanks in advance...!!!

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      Savadika Thanks million!

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      Kayli smyth

      all the notes on the chaper "Chemical Bonding".by me. You're welcome. I'll put more if I find the time :)

      attachment Chemical Bonding.pptx

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      katesmyth7 thanks v much

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      Hiya, if you still have them and wouldn't mind sending them to me that would be amazing!! email is

      thanks so much!

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      Can you send them to me please? -

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      Can u also please sent them to me??? -

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      Niamh sheridan would really appreciate it especially organic if you have it!

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      Would really appreciate it

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      Sorry I don't have snap chat Thanks so much.

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      mark_a101 thanks in advance

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      Pheer if youve any on chemical equilibrium that would be great cheers

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      thanks so much

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      whenever you can thanks

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      whenever you can thanks.

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